Uneedacube Mobile Self Storage

1. How big is a Uneedacube?

We have several sizes of Uneedacubes. 60ltrs 180ltrs 1Cube 3Cube 6Cube 8Cube 10Cube or combine any of these to suit your storage needs. ( Please note 1 cube equals 1000 litres in volume) See our how it works page for more information.

2. How do I book a Uneedacube?

Call our customer service team on (08) 9498 2823 to arrange a booking

3. How much does storage cost?

See our price pack.

4. I want to use a 8 Cube for 24 weeks ? what will I be charged?

This storage comes under our standard term rate of $80 excluding GST, which will be charged from the date of collection to the date of return in 4 weeks blocks.

Total charges including GST:
$80 x 6 blocks = $480.00
Delivery and Redelivery free of charge including 1 hour load and 1 hour unloading assistance (6 months min applies).

6. Where does Uneedacube deliver to?

You can have a Uneedacube delivered to anywhere in the Perth metropolitan area . And also now servicing Mandurah and Rockingham areas.

7. How much room is needed to park the Uneedacube trailer at my place?

We will leave our mobile trailer containing your Uneedacube at your place. The trailer is about 6m long from tow bar to the end of the ramp and 2.5 – 3.2m high depending on the Cube size from the tyres to the roof. This is the equivalent of at least two car spaces. Our driver will need to be able to hook up to the trailer as well, so the more room, the better. Our customer service team will discuss access with you when you make your booking.

8. My belongings are at several locations, how do I organise that?

We can send your Uneedacubes to different places. Please call us on (08) 9498 2823 to check. Extra charges will apply.

Packing and Picking Up

9. How much time do I have to pack my Uneedacube?

You have up to one day (24 hours) to pack your Uneedacube, then we’ll collect it from you. However if you require extra time please inform the storage adviser when you make your booking and they will be happy to organize this for you at no extra charge. When we come out to collect your Cube we also offer a 1 hour packing assistance at no extra charge.(Note: All storage fees are charged from start of delivery and end at return of the empty cube to our facility.)

10. How do I access my Uneedacube to pack it?

Your Uneedacube is easy to access. The Uneedacube floor is just 60cm off the ground and comes with a small, easy in-built ramp.

11. How do I lock my Uneedacube?

When you’ve finished packing, we require you to use one padlock to lock your Uneedacube ? we can supply padlocks or you can provide your own. As the sole key holder you will be the only one with access to the box. Read our packing tips for more information on the best way to pack your Uneedacube.

12. What if I find I need another Uneedacube?

No problem. If you need more Uneedacubes, contact us and we’ll drop them off for you.

13. Are there items that I cannot store in a Uneedacube?

Yes there are some items that you are prohibited from storing in a Uneedacube. These include perishables, flammables and liquids. See our prohibited items page for more information.

The Uneedacube Storage Facility

14. Where is the Uneedacube storage facility?

Your Uneedacube is stored at our secure storage facility at: 5 Hensbrook Loop Forrestdale W.A.

We also have storage available at our Henbrooks Facility for boats, caravans, trailer and larger self storage permanent units from 20m and above.

15. What are Uneedacube’s open hours?

Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Friday : 7.30 a.m. ? 4.30 p.m.
  • Saturday: by prior arrangement contact our office.
  • Closed on Sunday and public holidays.

16. How long can I have my Uneedacube stored for?

We can take care of your Uneedacube for as long as you like. It will be locked in our secure storage facility until you need it back.

Accessing Your Uneedacube

17. How can I access my Uneedacube

Accessing your Uneedacube at our warehouse is easy a small fee applies for this service. Just call up 24 hours in advance and we will arrange for your unit to be available for access at our warehouse within business hours. We will require at least 1 weeks notice when having the unit brought to your residence for access (This will incur an extra fee.).


1. We bring your Uneedacube storage unit to you.

  • We can deliver your full Uneedacube to your desired location so you can access it
  • You contact us and arrange a time to have your Uneedacube delivered.
  • We will require your name, and proof of identity to deliver your Uneedacube to you.
  • You will require your padlock keys to unlock your Uneedacube
  • You have up to 24 hours to access your Uneedacube before we collect it and take it back to our secure warehouse

2. You come to us and access your Uneedacube in our pack and stack area.

  • You contact us (please give at least 24 hours notice) and arrange a time to visit your Uneedacube
  • We will need to see proof of your identity.
  • Your Uneedacube will be parked in our dry, well lit pack and stack area.
  • You will need to bring your padlock keys to unlock your Uneedacube.
  • If you do not have your Keys we will require additional P.O.I (100 points) before we can allow you access to your cube. The Uneedacube storage Security
  • If you do not have your Keys we will require additional P.O.I (100 points) before we can allow you access to your cube.

The Uneedacube storage Security

  • Our modern facility is protected by state of the art security features such as, 24 hour CCTV monitoring via internet to security professionals, an electrified boundary fence and a monitored alarm system are just a few of the features that ensure your valuable property is kept safe and secure at all times..


Your home contents insurance policy may cover your belongings while they are in storage with us. We encourage our customers to contact their insurance company or broker to check whether you can receive coverage through your current policy. If you do not hold a policy that covers your goods while they are in storage with us, Uneedacube is happy to offer insurance at extremely competitive rates.

Note that your goods are NOT covered for losses due to the consequence of war, terrorism or other military action.

Goods in transit are covered when transportation is via a Uneedacube representative.

Goods not stored in a Uneedacube (e.g. motor vehicles and boats) are not covered.

Prohibited Items

What not to put in your Uneedacube!
You MUST NOT store anything in your Uneedacube that is:

  • Liquid
  • Explosive
  • Poisonous
  • Perishable
  • Dangerous or hazardous
  • Flammable
  • Corrosive
  • Illegal or irreplaceable

Such items include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Firearms and/or ammunition
  • Fuels / oils
  • Food (including food stored in glass jars)
  • Insecticides
  • Liquid bleach
  • Live animals
  • Live plants
  • Matches / candles / lighters
  • Paints / varnishes
  • Paint thinners
  • Perishable goods
  • Propane